When will the stigma behind depression be destroyed?

Beyond Devastated

Last night was very difficult for me as I heard on the news that WSU (Washington State University) had a death from their football team.. The star quarterback for WSU didn’t know up for practice and despite his upbeat attitude Tyler was victim of depression and killed himself last night via a gunshot wound to the head and he’s gone forever…

As a mental health advocate and blogger I am absolutely heartbroken over the news. I never met Tyler.. He’s only 21! What the fuck could be so wrong with a football quarterback to kill himself at 21? Was he popular? Absolutely. Even the most popular student may struggle with depression and/or voices in their head and unless we give them a voice to speak up we will continue to see this affect our young kids and the heart break will continue. At 21 I had no idea who the fuck I was. Did he? Probably not either. Could it have been prevented? Yes, in a hot minute. I wish I could erase time and have reached out to him so he could feel my voice.

I dedicate todays post to you Tyler Hilinski

You are not alone anymore. You are at peace. I never knew you existed until yesterday but when I see your name and what you were associated with and your upbeat positive outlook on life it fuels my anger that mental illness is something that is still in 2018 hardly mentioned and this proves that even the most popular person couldn’t escape the demons in his life and he ended up killing himself over it.

I will never give up on you Tyler. I will fight for you. I will give you a voice. If a life can be saved it’s a win.

If you know someone who is contemplating suicide. Please call 911 and report this. Do not be silent. Our lives depend on YOU.

I have had suicidal thoughts before.. It’s a horrible place to be in. Nobody should ever feel so alone and abandoned.

7 thoughts on “When will the stigma behind depression be destroyed?

  1. So sad. I hope this tragedy at least helps more people to understand that mental illness can happen to anybody, not just to “freaks” and “misfits.” Sending love and light to his family 💕

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    1. Thank you Barb. It’s unreal. 21. When I was 21 I didn’t know wtf I was doing with my life. Did he? Well he knew he was good at football and was ruined by the voices in our heads that tell us we are unworthy of love and support

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      1. Yep, I was in the same place you were when I was 21. I wonder the same about him.

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  2. Mental illnesses and suicide ideation do not discriminate or have a face. Be kind to one another, ask people how they’re doing, and listen. Sometimes a life can be saved by asking “how are you” and saying “hello”. Thanks for the post.

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    1. You are so right! All it takes is a simple hello and to tell them “I care”


  3. So sad. I even wonder sometimes if depression is necessarily part of the picture when a gun is involved. It is so easy to access and to make such a quick, impulsive decision. A person could be momentarily upset and make such a monumental mistake. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you for your blog. I think it is important.

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    1. Thank you so much Amy did your kind words. Suicide is horrible and never the answer. I hate that he’s gone. I hate that he was 21. My soul goes out to the family. Thanks again


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