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This is awesome. I beat my goal by 100 points vs last week. #micdrop #choosehappiness #thankyoujesus #weightlossjourney #abouttime
Sounds good to me. In this ugly society of school shootings our hearts ache for those who had their entire lives blown apart Friday morning. As much as I feel that society is living through the book of revelations shows me more than ever that I need to be square with God and Christ. #thankful #christian #imgay #choosehappiness #choosewisely
#woah that’s me. #mindovermatter our own mirrors are cruel. To the outside world we shine bright. #choosehappiness #weightwatchers #weightloss #healthy
Yes 100%. Trust Jesus and anything is possible. #choosehappiness #liveyourbestlife #peaceful #mylife❤️
Emotionally draining week. #omg #seriously despite #depression and a small #meltdown on WW connect @av8r007 and got it all on 🎥. Went back and watched it and it inspired me to keep moving forward. I’ve worked too hard in my life to slow down now. #watchmego #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwflex #athlete #wwbros #choosehappiness
Sooo freakin exhausted but I did it!! @rochellefitnessdance Glutes of Most Resistance. No kidding! That was awesome! 520 cal burn 30 min. #omg #aaptiv #weightwatchers #beastmode #cardioqueen
#youbetcha #thankyoujesus #inspireme #mentalhealthawareness #choosehappiness
#thankyoujesus following my dreams and letting my holy God lead the way. #liveyourbestlife #happy #transformation
I love food! I love carbs. I always have. I was never he skinny kid. I was a depressed kid. I ate my feelings. I still have depression, but it doesn’t control my life anymore. Jesus and Weight Watchers do! Plus I’m gay. Who knew? #thankyoujesus #weightlossjourney #instagay #weightwatchers #hopeful #weighin #icandoanything #jesustakethewheel
#ohwait that’s me! #weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers
Focus #mindfulness #thankful #compassion #jesus #transformation
We’ve got this. Judy said so. 👠
Not forgetting where I’m from. Just being the best version of me daily. Choosing happiness over anything else. Never give up on what you want to achieve. #believe #joy #weightlossjourney #flexfriday #beamazing
Hey everyone! Beautiful day and another no rain Friday! #feelinggood #spaceneedle #seattle #weightwatchers
Off to #therapy gonna do some #soulsearching and show my #therapist that for once in my life I’m in total control and the fact that I’ve achieved happiness is proud moments. #growup #instagood #instagay #sunny

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I’ve struggled with depression for pretty much my entire life… However it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle in 2012 did I realize that… maybe I’m different than everyone else… Why do I always feel like this?  I would often ask myself.. Why did you move here Mark?  Were you moving to Seattle to find happiness, or was it just to start over?  Well it was a little of both.

In 2012, I started seeing a therapist whom I’ve been with for five years now.  Dr Miller is absolutely amazing at how he understands me and can offer me real life solutions to problems that I experience.  I was really lucky when I discovered him at random while searching for a therapist..  I didn’t know I was bipolar in 2012, I just knew that I hated feeling this way and that I needed to seek some advice for it.

I’ve spent a good part of the last few years working on my self acceptance, and learning to love myself.  It is difficult when I have an episode to find any self love because when I am manic I feel as if I just hate myself inside and out and that I am a failure that cannot do any good.  Is this realistic?  Is this really a fact?

No, it’s not a fact.  It’s a falsehood reality that I have created in my mind and I assign so much power to it that I believe its true.  When I am having a episode I want to feel better the fastest way possible.  I would often find myself drinking excessively in order to make myself feel better when only realizing the next day I felt worse and that ALCOHOL MAKES YOU FEEL DEPRESSED!

So at the end of the day.. I’m a depressed individual.  I have a mental illness and I’m going to have it for the rest of my life.  Why me?  Why did I get chosen for this?

Rather than sulk in self misery I am choosing to write and to share my journey.  Life is incredibly difficult however I believe in my heart that if we share our lives with each other we may feel better at the end of the day.  At least thats what I’m going for.

Winter is coming and I need to be as prepared as I possibly can.

Take care,



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